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About European School of Medicine
European School of Medicine is a place which follows a completely new and modern approach to the teaching methods of young doctors. To create our educational platform, we use European study plans, have established the powerful library with worldwide famous textbooks, have invited the most prominent professors who see medicine in a new light and are ready to spread their experience and those who are willing to teach and raise a new generation of successful doctors.

Why European Medical School?
International standards of education
International modules of education, practice in foreign universities, lectures from foreign teachers, modern equipment, experienced teachers.
Practical orientation
Usage of modern information programmes, solving medical problems and usage of medical simulators. Full student immersion into medical processes.
Pool of famous partner companies
Partner projects and internships in the best companies and hospitals, as well as lectures from doctors.
Interactive teaching
Usage of the most modern information technologies, software and technical aids in educational process.
Field programmes in Medicine
Teaching and management in the most contemporary fields.
Advanced learning
of foreign languages
English on Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels in Medicine as the basis of further successful work and training.
Cooperation with famous international universities
Modern educational projects and grants.
Official Portals
Modern Medical School
Offers high quality medical education
   42V, Akademika Hlushkova Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine.